Thursday, 30 July 2009

Raising money for Cancer Support

To Rome and Back on a Bright Red Vespa. Why? To raise £100,000 to help people affected by cancer.

In 2008 mandolin virtuoso, Alison Stephens and her colleague Mike Maran were both diagnosed with cancer when they were on the roading doing Captain Corelli's Mandolin. They have both supported one another through their personal battles and have decided to raid £100,000 to support others who have cancer. Alison is the project manager. Mike will drive the Vespa to Rome and back in August.

Please come and join in!

Go to their website

From there you will be directed to the Just Giving website. They you decdied who you would like to make a donation to. 1. The Kis Endowment is based in Edinburgh and funds research into the treatment of bowel cancer - they are doing research into the very drugs that Mike is taking right now. 2. Macmillan Cancer Support provide fantastic support for cancer suffers in many ways including advice, website, information and very handy booklets covering just about every aspect of cancer. Ali was helped in the early days by booklets, readily available information and support given by Macmillan. 3) The Addenbrooke's Charitable trust is for the hospital where Mike and Ali were treated.

Please find out more about this adventure.

If you'd like to contact Ali

Contact Mike

Watch out for Alison's new recording titled Souvenirs, which is a duos recording with guitarist Craig Ogden. The album is released on Chandos in September. Alison will be donating all her royalties from this CD/digital release to Macmillan Cancer Support.

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